Growing Up

I guess I had to say this. I had this feeling lately. This is how a grownup feels. Now that I am working everyday. Now that I live on my own, now I see what it means grownup. Before it was always my parents who took care of me now, it’s just me and I have to learn to do things on my own. I cannot have them by side like before where I call out and they will be there. I also learned that what decision you make, you will have to live with no matter what it is. Now I cannot have anyone there to help me make these decisions for me. So I guess that’s part of really growing up.


What I learned bout work…………………………………………………

There are so many things to learn when you are at work.  The one main thing I have learned is that you have to learn to make decisions for yourself rather then your parents or your friends.  They can tell you what you can do or cannot and what you should do or not do. At the end of it all, the decisions are still ultimately yours.  You have to make the best judgement and go with it.  People can tell you to quit based on what you tell them.  However, you have to decide for yourself based on what you hear and what people tell you.  Also you have to learn to do things on your own as well.  You cannot be like when your at home.  You may be use to people helping you all the time by calling so and so to come to help you.  When your at work, that is not the case.  You will not be able to call your boss, manager, etc to came to help you.  They will eventually get fed up with you and that will lead the boss, manger etc to be mad at you and take their frustration out on you. Along with that, you cannot always ask question over and over in different ways to get answers to how to deal with the situation or how to do the task.  If you do it will also frustrate them even more.  At the end it ever man for themselves. You have to learn to figure out things on your own and do.  If you get it wrong then you let the manger, boss, etc tell you how to do it if it is wrong.  You have to learn to try and do.  They cannot falt you for doing and trying.  So at the end of all this is, do and not be afraid to make mistakes.  That is how you will learn is by making mistakes.

My Favorate Songs

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