Could of been worse

It could of been worse last night for me. I was on 28th and Parie going to my car. Two African Americans aound 5’5″ tall to 5’8″ tall that approached me. One of the guys demanded my wallet.  Same guy who asked for my wallet had his hand under his shirt like he had a gun. I started to walk away, he came after me. Called out for the other guy by name but I forget the name. The next thing I know the guy who did not walk away asked me to face the wall of the old police station on 28th and Parie. Minutes later after he tried to take my wallet but could not, just took his fist and hit me. After that I hunched over since he hit me on the side of my forehead. Then soon after, I put my hand on my hand on the said noticed I was bleeding and got into my car after trying to find my glasses. Could not find it and got a tissue from in my car to put over the spot. Went back out to find my glasses and then drove off after I found them to park closer to where I live on 27th and Indian in the front of the building and 27th and Parie on the back. I park on 28th and Parie. 

Got into the building, saw my security guard for the night.  Told him what had happened and he called for help. The cops came and said to him to call 311 which I did. When I called they said just make the police report at the hospital I am going to which was Stronger Cook County Hospital. After that I called my parent’s and my mother took me to the hospital. 

At the hospital I got three stitches and got a CT scan with X-ray due to my illiness (Hydrocephalus) that some know of.  They had to check me out before I can go. 

From all this, I am thankful that God protected me from anything serious and that they could not get my wallet due it being in my front pocket and phone in my apartment. 

The insistent happened at around 12am and was at the hospital from 2am to around 9:30am. 


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