The decision 

I have been working at my current job almost a year now as July. Somethings have happened and people I work with have come and go. 

Yesterday I went to talk with someone at the Swissport lounge and I have been faced with a big decision. Should I work there or not?  I know it is more money and more hours but is it worth it?  I would have to start at 5:30pm and end at 9:30pm (10:30pm from May to October).   If any delays or cancelled flights, I would have to stay later. The hours is not the issue. The issue is that will I make it on time to work there since I do arrivals everyday, I still don’t know if I will get off at a constant time everyday from my first job at the airport so that I can work the lounge. I don’t know if I can go to work at the lounge late if I get off from arrivals at my current job at the airport. All things that I have to consider. I wondered if being late will hurt me at work. All things aside, can I really work there? Will I be able to get their on time. As I have talked with people, they say that if time is an issue then you have to think about it if it is worth working there since your first job at the airport is more important. Through all this, I will think about it and talk with the person again to see what is the best resolve.  More to come…… To be continued  


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