I find it ridiculous when people who do not need to go out in such weather like tomorrow still go out. That makes me mad. Why when I tell you not to go out when you do not have to, you still go out. What if you slip and fall and break a bone when you can go another time. Is it worth going to somewhere just because it is free I shall think not. Bunch of dump people these days in this world.

I ask you……………………………Would you go out when you do not have to just because something is free with bad weather?

My response to that question is no I would not go out.  I would stay in when I do not have to go out with bad weather outside.  Also I find it stupid that there may be a chance that you may get hurt and you have to go because it was something free when other times may cost you  $30.  I know it may be worth it but would it be worth it if you either get hurt falling on ice, an ice chunk falls on you or something hits you?  I think not.  You hear the stories of how people go out and some ice chunk falls on them and they die.  I rather be safe then going out when not needed in weather such as -15 degrees along with ice on the ground.


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