I feel unappreciated part I

Some people just have no consideration for other. Some just do not know how to check early with others to see if they are free to join them. Some just wait till the last minute possible to ask, “You want to get food?” If this question was asked when hanging out with others and what not. However if it was asked last minute when your free, I don’t that kind of bull. I am sorry. what if I was at work or on set filming.

All this person does is this: You do not consider other people’s schedule. You just do it when you feel like you at the moment you get a free moment or morning. You ask, “Want to go get some food?” at the last moment possible when your schedule is clear.

If you where here, I would tell you this: “You don’t consider people. You think that people do not have a life. You do not think that the person may have stuff to do. You just think of yourself like you said, ” I do not know when my schedule clears up. I just do when I am free,” Your inconsiderate. You just come and either call or message me on any chat (Google Hangout) program at the very last minute when I have told you several times that you have to ask me the night before or some thing. Also, I have told you numerous times that I may be filming since we talked about me doing filming on the side.”

I ask you, do you want me to get into trouble at work or on set when I am working as an extra?

I know you call me from work and all. I know you don’t care sometimes at work that you may get into trouble for calling me and talking with me for 30 minutes or longer at any given time. You may feel that is right but for me I cannot be the same way as you.

This is only one of many things that you do that make me feel unappreciated.  More to come.  To be continued…………………………..


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