China Tried To Get World Internet Conference Attendees To Ratify This Ridiculous Draft Declaration


This week, China hosted its first World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. The irony of a country with some of the strictest online censorship laws in the world holding an event with the theme “interconnected world, shared and governed by all” was underscored yesterday, when the events’ organizers made a pro-forma attempt to get attendees to approve a draft declaration by slipping it under their hotel room doors late at night.

TechCrunch has obtained a copy of the document, which is supposed to represent the consensus views of conference participants. A PDF is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Among other things, the draft declaration calls for countries to respect each other’s “Internet sovereignty,” impose stricter restrictions on online pornography, and “destroy all dissemination channels of information of violent terrorism.”

The document is both hilariously farcical and chilling in light of China’s crackdowns on Internet freedom and its cyberattacks on…

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