Today I am so frustrated. I got a call from my co-worker. I thought it was so important that’s why I picked up the call from the co-worker called. At the end it was not. What frustrated me is the fact that this person has been asking me about things that I cannot help him with a girl from work. Also the co-worker been telling me that I should do this and that even when things between me and a girl have changed, that is tell the girl that I will stand by you forever even when we could be just friends and not more. At the end I decided to hang up on the co-worker is due to the fact that the person cannot listen to me telling him to not to deal with the situation and you don’t know why she wanted to be independent. I even told him that every person’s situation is different. Why are you asking me for the advice? Is it right that I hang up the phone on him?


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