T-mobile iPhone

T-Mobile is the first carrier to confirm support for iOS 8 Wi-Fi calling


After reading about the new iPhone update iOS 8 beta 3 I found out something new. I can get wifi calling on the new iOS 8 on an iPhone 6. This makes me wonder if I should go for another new phone. I already have the outsourced iPhone 5 which no carrier sells anymore. The new feature temps me a lot because now I can have great coverage through my wifi for calling when I am at home and when I go up to Northeaster Illinois University. The question now is do I want it? I knew that I need that way before I got an iPhone. I had one of the old Nokia phones back before all these smart phones came out with wifi calling built in. Oh how this choice is so hard for me. I love my iPhone 5. I use it to do a lot of stuff. It is just the calls that I don’t have good call reception for depending on where I am in the house. I know using wifi calling will solve everything but do I want to shell out another $600 to $700 for another phone. At the end of all this, the choice is so hard.

Where were you wifi calling on iPhone when I needed you?


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