Salesforce Mobile Reports And Dashboards Provide In-depth Knowledge On The Fly

TechCrunch today announced a new mobile reports and dashboards tool that runs on their mobile Salesforce1 platform. The goal of the product is to give salespeople access to information on the go, presented to them in a customized fashion to meet the unique needs of each individual user.

Salesforce customers have told them, it’s great to have access to data at their desks, but very often, salespeople are in the field and they need access to information wherever they are. The new Salesforce1 Mobile Reports and Dashboards product is designed to give them the information they need on the fly from their mobile devices.

According to Salesforce, you can create custom dashboards with the data that matters most to you and you can even drill down into the data to see the raw data on which the dashboard was based. Further, you can tap into third-party graphing tools like Google…

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