Is yeet hay “熱氣” just a load of hot air?

Is this word hard to believe or what?  What I mean is, does it mean what it means or is it had to be believe the meaning?  I always wondered about this word.  I wondered for years how to explain it to my friends that are not Chinese.  I even wondered how to say it in Mandarin.  I know I know.  Some of you may know that I can speak both and think I am really good at speaking both but sometimes there are words that I cannot not even translate to from one Chinese dialect to another.  I always wondered like what is this word or that word in Mandarin or Cantonese because some words are not translated the same or straight forward to translate.  I know some of you find that it is easy to translate from one dialect to another for me it is not that easy since I am American Born Chinese.  So next time try not judge someone by it’s heritage like the saying goes, “Don’t just the book by it’s cover.”


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