My week in review

Here is my week:
Sunday, June 15:  I went to church.  Then I had a meeting for door monitors at CCUC (Chinese Christian Union Church)Monday, June 16:  Lazy day.  Spent at home.
Tuesday, June 17:  Went to school (Northeastern Illinois University) to speak with my adviser in TRIO about my resume.  After talking with
                               my adviser, I went to the student lounge underneath Becks bookstore.  There I work on revising my resume and watch
                               the Mexico game. 
Wednesday, June 18:  Went to UIC Forum for a job fair.  Then went to work at CCUC but did not have to work and went to men’s bible
                                     study at Robert Leoung’s.  Raining at night while walking over to Robert’s place in Chinatown.
Thursday, June 19:  Worked at CCUC covering for Jane at night from 5pm to 10:30pm.
Friday, June 20:  Went to a job interview at Cheetah Express Inc.  Got lost.  Was a bit late.  Oh well.  I cannot help that. 
Saturday, June 21:  Went to the men’s second Saturday event which became the third Saturday to help Susan Lim do some stuff and to
                                learn stuff if I have not done.

At the end of this week, I feel like I have done a lot.  I felt that I had some prospective jobs but it may depend on how well I did for the interview, how I do in class paid by the company at the job fair, etc.  As for the interview, I felt like it did not go that well since I was rushing to get there by 3:30pm and ended up their at 4:01pm.  The interview was in Elk Grove Village.  I felt it may get expensive getting there since I have to pay $1.50 each way for tolls unless there are other ways of getting there without paying.  Also I felt that the hours are a bit long even if I get paid salary and do not get overtime.  Some days like Tuesday and Thursdays I may have to work beyond a 8 hour shit.  As for Friday, I know I have to work an 8+ hours that day since the lady who interviewed me said I have to work from 8:30am to 8pm.  Each day I will get a 45 minute lunch.  As for the job that I may have to go for classes, I feel that one would suit me since it is technology related.  Through all this, I feel like I had a productive week.


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