Today I had an appointment with my advisor from TRIO at school (Northeastern Illinois University).  As I was driving, this semi truck almost hit me.  What the heck are the truck drivers doing?  They do not check their mirrors before they changing lanes.  Seriously, I had this happen to me several times already on the highway on i90/094 and one time the car I was driving could of flipped over.  I felt that time like I was driving on two wheels.  Do they not know how to drive a truck.  Seriously, they do not seem to know where cars are next to them.  They seem to do what they want on the road by turning into your lane when they want.  I honked at them and yet still they do not seem to care.  They just come into your lane anyway.  They should be stripped of their truck driving license and required to retake a test and go to class before they can drive a semi truck because these days we hear too many accidents involving truck drivers.  Then later on there was a mini truck, the ones that you see AT&T or any service personal drive for a company.  That person did the same thing as the truck driver.  That person cut into my lane and almost hit me too.  Two in one day, seriously.  What are you drivers doing?  As for the second car, you had ladders and what not hanging on the car.  Got to be more careful.  I feel like people in Chicago driving on the highways especially semi trucks and service trucks do not know how to drive.  They seem to drive more crazily then before.  They should get the heck off the highway.  If you cannot see is another story but you know there are cars around you, check your blind spots.  Can’t I ask that much of you?


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