I wonder, why some people charge since a high price for just helping to clear a virus or malware off your computer. I gotten a price of $179.99 when I called Avast to inquire about resolving my issue. Another person when I called earlier the same day said that you have to pay $300 and a fee for calling when you need to resolve it with Apple. I told then I don’t need to pay for that. I have Applecare through Apple. It made me think that they are trying to get your money when I m covered by Apple. I said in my mind what the hell. This person does not know what they are talking about. How dear they say something when I know for a fact that I have protection still through Apple through their Applecare. Some people don’t know what the heck they are talki g about even if they say they worked with AT&T and had to call Apple about an iPhone. What the their right mind to tell and say all that to me for stuff I told them I have. You can go and mess with someone else. I don’t give an rats ass since I told you I have Applecare. Your just ripping me off.


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