I was watching Katie and heard some interesting things. On the show, they talked about overwhelmed compared to another country (I do not recall the country). In that country, people end the day early so they can have time to themselves. They also said that here in the United States we use to end the day at 3pm. Then they showed a family as an example. In this family, they dialed back the technology. They used the wife/women in that family. What she did was turned off the technology from 5pm 8pm everyday. Before that the phone use to ring during dinner.

After seeing this, I feel this is what we need to is to turn off the phone and other gadgets because this can help us relax and time with our families. If we don’t, I feel we will get stressed faster then before. You will be stressed. So after hear this, I may start it’s next moth by turning off my phone at a certain time of the day. I usage you to give it a try even if you do a day and then move up day by day till you get to everyday. You will see the difference when do do it. So start now and see what comes from it. I know it will make you feel a lot better.


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