Volkswagen – Eyes on the road

This so true yet so real.

People should think about texting and driving or even making that call. A split second with your eyes off the road and this will happen to you. So I feel you should not text or makes calls while driving. Not texting or making that call will save more lives.

I know. I know. I am one of few that may text or make that call while driving. Today after see this video, I feel like I should stop doing it. I may never know if this will be me next. Also having cellphone is a dangerous thing. Back in the day when there was no cellphones, we never heard of such things like this person or that person getting into a car accident because a distraction which could be from your cellphone.

So I urge you, try to not text or call while driving. Wait till your off the road or you can be somewhere to do it.  Put your cellphone on silent. Focus on the driving.



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