This week/year so far

You may ask how I am doing since I had the bad feeling.  I will have to tell you, I feel more depressed then I ever have been in my life.  I graduated in December 2013 and to this point I feel like I am the unlucky one due to not finding a job even if I had an interview with any place from an airline to media/art to somethings as simple as at a grocery store.  I do not know if I am saying the wrong things at the interview.  Am I over qualified?  Am I under-qualified?  Do I not have enough experience?  Who knows what I am not seeing.  I also find it hard to really find right job or just a job.

As of today, May 29, I talked with someone at my school’s career center and found some interesting things.  So for those that are soon to graduate, that will graduate soon, and have graduated.  Here are some things to do to better your chances.
1) Send out at least 5 resumes during the week to employers.
2) Try not to put a objective statement but a paragraph of no more then 5 sentences that showcases/highlights your straights or skills you
have in which you have used for your jobs.  Can be similar to your cover letter but not using those words.
3) Try to send a thank you letter right after your interview via email to the employer for the chance they gave you.
4) Try to file up with the employer to show that your interested.
5) Try to use since they are based in Chicago and along with other places.
6) Show initiative by going through someone you know that works at the job.
Knowing all this now helps me see what needs to change for me just so that I can better my chances.

Other things that no one told me from the career center at school but I have been hearing from friends is to network as much as you can by
1) Doing volunteer opportunists that are for clubs that are within your major like PCC (Publicity Club of Chicago) for communication
2) Go to events that are held for clubs to network like an engagement where the club holds monthly.  Sometimes you may have to pay
but as a student you my be able to get in for free.  It all depends if they have tickets for just students or not.
3) Attend workshops by employers at your school.
4) Attend job fairs.

At the end, the elder at church said it best.  Finding a job is a full time job.


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