Today as I was watching About a Boy, it made me realize something important.  It is hard to leave those that you love for something better.  Just like the show showed to me today, it is hard to tell those that you love or live next to that your leaving is hard.  For me, it was hard but I told Xingyi who I like that I may not be able to come to the school to pick her up I use to once I get my job at Cathay Pacific Airline at O’hare International Airport.  I felt that it was best to tell her early on so she can be prepared.  When I told her, I felt like she did not like the news.  She did not say anything for a bit.  I did not want this but if it had to happen it had to eventually.  I can only promise her that I will call when I am free.  I cannot do much more then that since I do not know my schedule for work yet.  What days I get off.  We will have to wait and see.  Hope I can get a day where I can pick her up.


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