God is Good continued

As you may know about my interview form yesterday.   I went to Stroger Hospital yesterday as well to see the dermatologist.  I went because I had this thing growing on my chest that was hurting, itching and bleeding.  I had an appointment the day before as you may know but I had to reschedule just because they scheduled an appointment on a day when they should not of.  At the appointment I found out it was Keloid and not a scar.  The doctor asked if I wanted to inject something into it.  I decided to it a try.

After the appointment, I went to school (Northeastern Illinois University).  I had to take care of some stuff for the Quinceañera and my interview.  As I was heading to take care of my business, I saw Xingyi Tan at work so I quickly went to talk to her and left.  Then I saw my friend Hilda M. on the forth floor of the library where I went to read some information about the airline on my computer (MacBook Pro).  Then I left at a little after 6pm to make some scan copies and then go to wait for Xingyi Tan at the coffee shop not in the school library but in village square near the registrar office.

After Xingyi Tan got off form work, we had a long chat about things in our lives.  Then I drive her to where she is going and went home.  As I was driving her we continues our conversation.  I am so blessed to have her in my life and talk with her about things.

As the day concludes, I feel like God has provided me with a wonderful day.
#wonderfulday #GodisGood



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