Charice — ‘Note to God’, on Oprah – YouTube

Charice — 'Note to God', on Oprah – YouTube.

I still remember this like it was yesterday when I saw her on Oprah for the first time preforming this song. What a voice. Can’t be believe this voice to this day.

Charice – Farewell to David Foster and Friends in Vancouver – YouTube

Charice – Farewell to David Foster and Friends in Vancouver – YouTube.

Can’t believe the voice to this day.

City in China creates walking lane for cell phone users – ABC7 WLS Chicago and Chicago News – ABC7 WLS Chicago and Chicago News.


Don’t just take my word for it. You have to see it to believe it. People are now stealing your credit card information in ways that you never knew. They use devices called skimmers to make a copy of the information of your credit card that you use at the ATM or when you pay at the gas station. Look at these two news reports about it.

You will be shocked at how easy it is installed into a pay station at the gas pump and the ATM.

9/11 Tribute in Light: A behind-the-scenes look at how the Sept. 11 tribute takes shape

I know this may be a little late. Better late then never.

Donor Behind Largest Gift in Harvard’s History Explains Inspiration

Originally posted on TIME:

Chinese businessman Gerald Chan explained the story behind his family foundation’s $350 million gift to Harvard’s School of Public Health on Monday.

The donation by his family’s Morningside Foundation is the largest Harvard has ever received and one of the largest ever given to an institute of higher education.

Chan said the donation was inspired by his mother’s volunteer work, vaccinating children in China in the 1950s. Chan’s mother, a nurse, administered vaccines to neighborhood children in the family kitchen, using the same needle repeatedly and disinfecting it in boiling water.

“As you can imagine, the needle was blunted by repeated use, so the injections got extraordinarily painful,” said the Hong Kong property developer. “It was no wonder that many children screamed and wailed in our kitchen.”

Chan said he was also inspired by his father’s decision to support the education of friends’ children overseas.

“In keeping with my mother’s…

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There Are Drawbacks To Keeping All Of Your Savings In Cash: Expert

Originally posted on CBS Chicago:

(CBS) – Do you stash your money in the bank these days instead of opting to invest? If the answer is yes, you may be part of a new trend.

There’s some evidence that many people are keeping cash for the long term rather than diversifying their assets.

CBS 2’s Kris Gutierrez looks at why this could be a dangerous strategy.

David McCombie runs a private investment firm.  You would think he would be investing in stocks and bonds, but you’d be surprised where he is keeping most of his money.

“I decided to keep my money in cash, rather than the public markets, because it provides me with the liquidity to react quickly,” he says.

He’s not alone. A Bankrate Inc. survey found that overall, 25 percent of Americans prefer cash to other assets.

And that’s reflected in how some people are investing. One study found that U.S. investors are raising their cash…

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One Voice Children’s Choir on America’s Got Talent

Check out this choir that is composed of 100 children.

See Photos of the Cast of Saved by the Bell: Then and Now

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